A gastronomic experience in an authentic Andalusian patio

El Patio del Pali offers a gastronomic experience with locally sourced ingredients and a modern twist on classic recipes based on Andalusian cuisine.

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Restaurante El Patio del Pali Sevilla
restaurante el patio del pali sevilla

An Andalusian culinary masterpiece created by 100% natural products

A varied and unique gastronomic menu that combines fresh ingredients and traditional flavors of Andalusian cuisine with a modern approach. A high-quality culinary experience with carefully crafted dishes that stand out for their taste and presentation.

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Each bottle has been carefully selected by expert sommeliers

From the generous Sherries to the elegant Champagnes, and the refreshing whites, rich reds, and delicate rosés, each bottle offers a unique flavor and an unforgettable sensory experience.

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Bodega El Patio del Pali Sevilla
Patio del Pali

Authentic, brilliant, informal...

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